TIBIB-live a real solution timing solution for all Outdoor disciplines.
Achieve professional timekeeping at a lower cost

A timekeeping without infrastructure to install, there you just install our free Tibib application on and create your event below.
This solution is ultra economical and meets the expectations of more than 80% of the tests.
We provide a live display on a web page dedicated to the event, the live100 results, a 250 photo wall, the printing and dissemination of the results.
I calculate my quote on my test (*):

(*) If my event has several events, cumulate the quotes

Test for free, the first 3 riders are offered!

Even better …

With the option "Live" offer a follow-up on the entire course of your event, ask TIBIB-live to your timing provider.
TiBib Live is an innovative and very economical solution, accessible by all, which will allow you to offer a +++ service to secure your event, animate it on the arrival site, and also increase its visibility.
Your race is on the Web Live!

How it works ?

Very simple, it just suffices:
    1. give a TiBib Tag to each runner,
    2. to make download our free application on smartphones volunteers who are positioned on the points you have chosen and your bibs are connected!

You will be able to create as many points of passage as you want without cost!

You will allow journalists, spectators, family or friends to follow in real time the progress of the participants along the route, from the website or from their smartphone.

I want to be contacted again to study the implementation of live monitoring by a certified timekeeper.