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When buying or renting, TiBib the solution for professional timekeepers will allow you to offer all your organizers a live worthy of the biggest events.

Tibib allows you to perform professional timekeeping and live tracking without material investment and for disciplines as different as open water swimming, trail running, sailing, mountain biking, cyclosportive, skiing, horse endurance, Nordic walking...

Our offer:

Timekeeper side: A complete administration solution (participants, CP management, management of display screens, printing lists and rankings) on the web without software to install, maintenance-free, subscription-free, unlimited access allowing you to manage your events from A to Z even remotely. Timing and live tracking without infrastructure to install finished carpets, antennas to wear, to climb to the top of the mountains, batteries, generator, and other solar panel ...

You just need to install Tibib Detect (8.5 cm diameter, 200gr) or smartphones, connected to powerbanks on your CPs if you need a multi-day detection along the way and nothing more !

Participant side: A TiBib Tag for each rider and the bib will be connected.

Some technical points:
- It is important to take into account that the TiBib tag is not a GPS. So there is no problem of coverage of the places where the events are located.

- The TiBib Tag has an autonomy of several months in continuous operation.

- There is no limit of points of passage, the only limit being the number of detectors available (mobile or TiBib Detect), 2 CP or 50 CP the price is the same!

- A TiBib Detect has a built-in rechargeable battery, so its battery life is about 10 hours. With a powerbank the autonomy is several days. We provide in the administration a battery viewing tool (Tag TiBib and TiBib Detect) allowing you to intervene if necessary.

A real service for your customers, and you stand out from your competitors!

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