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timing equipment - live tracking sport - security sport outdoor - GPS tracking sport



Sport Timing Solution For all timekeepers who wish to offer a solution for timing, live, securing outdoor sports events. Compatible with all your timing software, TiBib will be either a complete solution or a complement to your current equipment.

Tibib-live will allow you to locate in real time the vehicles of the race bubble to have an exact view of the positioning of these (rescue, gendarmerie, caravan, motorcycle TV, VIP...) throughout the route, but also to have a PRECISE time of the order of half a second (no recalculation in the database) on the intermediate times and on the arrival of your leader participants for example.

So why not you ?



Cycling Mountain biking Open water swimming Trail Skiing Equestrian endurance Triathlon Swimrun car/motorcycle racing

Compatible in over 120 countries


Material TiBib prices:

RENTAL Race tracking pack 10 Trackers: 200€ HT

TiTRACK 250 purchase: €99 excl. VAT/unit (1 year subscription included)

TiTRACK 5200 purchase: €125 excl. VAT/unit (1 year subscription included) TiTrack 250 wristband: €8.33 excl. VAT/unit

TiBib software prices:

Opening of a test 120 € HT

€10 excl. VAT per creation of an intermediate line

Web page dedicated to your event included

Dedicated smartphone app included

Large screen live race display included

Large photo screen display included