With TiBib-live you offer your customers a complete, innovative solution allowing you to carry out sports timing and live monitoring on all types of events, and of all importance at a very competitive price.
A complete administration solution (participants, management of CPs, management of display screens, printing of lists and rankings, etc.) on the web without software to install, without maintenance, without subscription, unlimited access allowing you to manage your events from A to Z even remotely.
Timing and live monitoring without any infrastructure to install.
No more carpets, antennas to carry, to climb to the top of the mountains, batteries, generator, and other solar panel ...
Train your organizers to time their events by themselves, this solution is already widely used in Anglo-Saxon countries and TiBib was designed to easily meet this demand.
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The TiTrack (GPS Tracker) has a maximum autonomy of 18 hours in its basic version, 50 hours in its premium version. The TiTrack (GPS Tracker) has an SOS button, is waterproof (IP67) and does not weigh more than 48 gr. There is no limit of crossing points, the only limit being the number of detectors available (mobile) when using TiBib, with a TiTrack the limit is 50 control points. With a TiTrack (GPS Tracker) there is absolutely nothing to set up in the field. We provide in the administration a monitoring tool, in order to visualize the state of the batteries, the version of the downloaded course, test of the configuration of the race. TiTrack (GPS Tracker) allows you to perform timing / live in more than 150 countries. TiTrack (GPS Tracker) can be configured remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your races are completely prepared upstream, there is only the distribution of TiTrack managed.